How to Understand the differences Between Home Care and Home Health Care in Aurora, IL

Recognizing the distinction between home care and home health care can be complicated initially. When an elderly family member initially begins to really need services, it can be a rush to work out which assistance is essential and when. If the senior requires an injected medication or nursing care while recuperating from an operation, then home healthcare is needed. If the elderly family member requires assistance in bathing, cooking or housekeeping, then home care can provide the support.

Home care and home healthcare are different in two ways.

Home care offers non-medical services and is not paid for by Medicare, although some home care companies and agencies may be licensed by the states. Home care services are private pay services, meaning the patient or the patient’s family will pay directly for home care. Occasionally long-term care insurance may pay for home care as well. Home health care, however, is medical care that is covered by health insurance or Medicare. To receive home health care, a senior or a patient must be homebound and in need of assistance of medical care as determined by a doctor. Medicare may in addition cover non-medical services performed by a home health aide, but these services are only covered when additional medical care at home is important. Ordinarily these non-medical services take place at the same time as medical care visits.

Home care offers non-medical services to seniors and patients recovering from operations. Help in bathing and dressing are typical home care services. Other duties home care workers present include light housekeeping, meal preparation, running errands and transportation. Help in walking or exercise and other light assistance to make life easier are provided by home care professionals. As the population gets older, home care agencies proliferated to meet the large needs of the elderly who need to continue to be in their homes, but who might require assistance to do so.

Home healthcare is doctor-prescribed, and is provided by skilled medical personnel such as nurses who can provide medication. Physical and occupational therapists can be engaged in the health care treatment. Home health aides may be appointed to assist with activities of daily living. These services shall be covered by Medicare as long as other medical care is also mandatory.

Home care workers can deliver medication ticklers, but cannot administer the medication. Home care workers also assist with daily living activities such as making meals, light housekeeping, assisting with bathing, running errands and providing transportation to appointments. Home care services are privately paid by the patient, senior or their family. Long-term care insurance may also cover home care services.

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