Our Caregivers

Safe at Home Healthcare is grateful for the quality of caregivers we attract to our agency because of their level of service and interaction with our clients. Unlike most home care companies that advertise for in-home care workers, we do not because our caregivers come to us on a referral basis.

Screening tools that we use include:

  • Criminal background screens, including national background screens
  • Driving record checks
  • Employment reference checks
  • Verification of training and certification

Safe at Home provides the following insurances and services at no additional cost:

  • General liability insurance
  • On-site Supervision and performance reviews
  • Employee handbook and procedure manual training

To ensure your safety and happiness, our hiring process begins with the completion of an application and interview process. We want only the most qualified caregivers – the ones we believe are inspired to serve while offering only the highest level of integrity, trust, and home care service. Our caregivers comply with 8 hours per year ongoing training for skills such as:

  • Transfer & Safety training by physical therapists
  • Comprehensive competency assessment by RN

How are your caregivers trained?

Safe at Home Healthcare has taken a significant step to address one of the biggest concerns families have with home care: the level of training and skills of the in-home caregiver. While more and more families are seeking in-home care to avoid the institutionalization of their loved ones, the training and skill of the caregivers coming into the home is a very valid concern.

Safe at Home Healthcare believes that training and skill development in their caregiving team is one of the key reasons families choose a company. “We know that many families have options for care. We are very focused on providing a level of training for our staff that far exceeds any required training in this area.

To achieve this, Safe at Home Healthcare has partnered with a leader in caregiver training to provide 40 hours of caregiver training to every member of their team. Our training program offers highly engaging training courses, covering topics like nutrition and hydration, emergency first aid, ethics, personal care and mobility as well as communicating with others. It also utilizes best practices in e-learning, making this training available to the busy in-home caregiver online, at a time and place most convenient for their learning.

Many in-home care companies try to gather all their staff together in an office for periodic training. We know that this does not set the stage for the most effective learning. Learning, especially for busy adults, happens best when they control the time, place and intensity of their training. We give our staff much more control over their own learning and skill development, helping us build a team that offers a standard of care our clients expect and deserve.

Caring and compassion are the most important traits of a caregiver. But just compassion isn’t enough. Knowing that the caregiver also has skills to prevent skin breakdown and maintain walking skills, for example, is vital for the family’s peace of mind.”

Families employing caregivers in their homes want to know that they are capable of providing the best care possible. I know if someone were coming to my mother’s home providing care for her I’d feel significantly more confident knowing that person had received training.

Each one of our caregivers is compassionate, hospitable, caring and most importantly ready and willing to serve your individual needs.

Home care counselors at Safe at Home Healthcare are available to talk with you about your in-home care needs. Call us at (800) 480-4154.