Senior Care Lisle, IL: Seniors and Yoga

September is the National Yoga Awareness Month. Every year, many of the studios that teach this type of exercise come up with month long offers and special classes to celebrate the occasion and raise public awareness. This could be the perfect time to try out a class simply for that reason. What a better time to start off practicing but during National Awareness Month?

Practicing this type of exercise regularly can be a boon to elderly people, especially today’s elderly who tend to lead very active lifestyles. In addition to helping the elderly to maintain the level of fitness that they have achieved, it can also improve their quality of life. In fact, this type of exercise has been proven to be effective in improving senior health according to research done over the past few years.

This practice is a form of exercise that can help to alleviate tension, anxiety and stress all while building muscle tone and ehancing fitness. Yet, it is gentle on the body. This is why many senior care centers encourage their residents to participate in the activity. If you are over 50 and are losing your zest for life, you might just try to jumpstart things buy trying to do some exercises. Of course, there is no magical solution to your problems; but rather this might be a great way to work on your physical and your mental fitness.

Elderly people may have some common senior health problems that they may think are inevitable. But proper practice of specific asanas and dhyan can actually decrease those problems. No, we aren’t suggesting that exercise is a fountain of youth, but it can help you to live a more fulfilling life. When you feel better, chances are that you will get more out of life. Isn’t this what we all want?

Of course we’ve all seen how incredibly flexible yogis, or experts can be. Do not feel intimidated by this. Even if you have never done any yoga before or perhaps never even exercised, you might want to attend some events during the National Awareness Month. You can talk with experts and students alike to learn more about this fascinating practice. You may even be able to try out a free class at a studio near your home or attend a workshop. What have you got to lose? Nothing really–but you certainly have a lot to gain. You might even notice that you have less stiffness from your arthritis and that you have energy for the things that you need to do in life. Yoga can help you to increase your self-confidence, tone your body, and give you a sense of peace and contentment. If you have concerns about starting an exercise routine, you may also want to talk with a senior care expert like your doctor to find out more about this type of exercise too.

Regardless of your age, life is meant for living. Now get out there and start living!

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