3 Life Lessons You Can Learn By Riding a Bike

A few weeks ago my youngest daughter, Alaina, learned to ride a big-girl 2-wheeler, no training wheels bicycle! As I watched her experience the joy of the wind in her hair and pride of pedaling for the first time, a few life lessons occurred to me. I thought I’d share those with you.

When the road throws you a curve, go with it!
When a turn is coming up, you have to lean with the curve so you stay on course. You can’t fight it and go the other way or you’ll fall off. Life sometimes throws you curves too, and in order to remain on top, you need to go with the flow. If a tragedy happens… 

accept its pain, and go with God’s larger plan which is for the ultimate good!

A bike doesn’t move on its own.
Life and bicycles need people to operate them. Without a person behind the handlebars, guiding and making choices, it just won’t go anywhere. Life is the same. Making no choice, is really the same as making your choice; do so mindfully and thoughtfully.

You can’t do it forever.
 Some people wish they could live forever. Some people even act as if they just might. But just like riding a bike, your body eventually wears out, and you need to go home. The important thing is that you enjoy the ride while you’re experiencing it, have fun, and be grateful for the ride.

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