Sniff Out Dementia with Scent Test ?

Its great that they are discovering more ways to detect dementia which we will all benefit from.  Remember to take your coconut oil and other nutrients if you think your sense of smell is fading. Sniff out dementia with this simple 12-second scent test   by Jack Harrison, Daily Dose, 12/5/15 You’d like to keep […]

 3 Life Lessons You Can Learn By Riding a Bike

A few weeks ago my youngest daughter, Alaina, learned to ride a big-girl 2-wheeler, no training wheels bicycle! As I watched her experience the joy of the wind in her hair and pride of pedaling for the first time, a few life lessons occurred to me. I thought I’d share those with you. When the […]

4 DIY Home Tips That Grandma Used

Grandma likely used every one of these, how about you? #1 Soak Greasy Tools in Coca-Cola Coca-Cola might not be good for your waste or teeth but it sure is good for cleaning tools and sticky surfaces. Since the late 1800s, when cola was invented mechanics have been using it as a cleaner for their […]

Good Idea:

I believe that everybody should have a safety profile for their home. Especially Seniors who live alone. Smart911 replaces the Vial of Life that has been around for many years. The vial of life is a brief information sheet including current medications, allergies, doctor’s names next of kin etc. which is put in a […]

How to talk to Elderly Parents regarding In-Home Caregivers in Aurora, IL

Children find it rather tough to approach parents about caregiver stress they have been going through since taking on the matter. Children often feel remorseful over thinking about care for their parents because their parents brought them up and the children feel as though they are letting their parents down if they need to bring in home care.

Caregivers Aurora IL: November is American Diabetes Month

By raising awareness and educating the 79 million who are at risk, there will be no need for them be diagnosed with this unnecessary disease.

Caregivers Aurora IL: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

During the month of November, it is often easier to find out information about lung cancer, treatment options and how to cope with it. Look for events in your area, or initiate your own.

Caregivers Aurora, IL: Let’s Talk

Do you have someone with whom you can yammer away caregiver stress?