A Christmas Poem

I have a really praiseworthy story of how God works in mysterious ways. I’m still in awe. I was wondering over the weekend what to write in this section that would be meaningful for the holiday season. So, I get a text from a caregiver on Sunday afternoon asking me to bring some timesheets to […]

Lavender Can Decrease Senior Anxiety as Much as Dangerous Prescription Drugs?

Common knowledge (and scientific investigation) tells us that the smell of lavender oil, distilled from lavender flowers, has calming properties. Simply smelling lavender oil can decrease anxiety as measured by the Hamilton rating scale, a psychological questionnaire used by doctors to gauge the severity of a person’s anxiety But what happens if you take lavender […]

 3 Life Lessons You Can Learn By Riding a Bike

A few weeks ago my youngest daughter, Alaina, learned to ride a big-girl 2-wheeler, no training wheels bicycle! As I watched her experience the joy of the wind in her hair and pride of pedaling for the first time, a few life lessons occurred to me. I thought I’d share those with you. When the […]

4 DIY Home Tips That Grandma Used

Grandma likely used every one of these, how about you? #1 Soak Greasy Tools in Coca-Cola Coca-Cola might not be good for your waste or teeth but it sure is good for cleaning tools and sticky surfaces. Since the late 1800s, when cola was invented mechanics have been using it as a cleaner for their […]

Senior Care in Oswego, IL: Open Enrollment for Medicare –Now through Dec 7, 2012

Medicare provides senior care coverage for millions of older Americans. The program offers a variety of coverage selections through the various “Parts” of the program and through advantage policies. These plans offer a combination of the Medicare coverage with private insurances. Medicare beneficiaries can review and change their Medicare plans from Oct. 15 through Dec. […]

Senior Care in Oswego, IL: August is National Immunization Month- The Importance of Flu Shots for Seniors

Immunizations are essential for prevention against serious life-threatening infections and diseases. Many illnesses are contagious and can cause serious complications. Influenza is an illness that affects the respiratory system and individuals that catch the flu viruses can develop symptoms that range from mild to severe. Severe complications from the flu can lead to serious health […]

Senior Care in Oswego, IL: Take a Walk! Seniors Benefit From Walking with a Companion.

Physical fitness is essential for good physical and mental health. Walking may be one of the safest forms of exercise for seniors due to the moderately low risk of injury. Walking regularly can help lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar levels and significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. It may also slow […]

Summertime and Senior Care in Oswego, IL: Keep an Eye on the Elderly in the Summer Heat

Just as the severe cold temperatures are dangerous for the elderly in the winter, the high temperatures of summer can be equally or more dangerous. Seniors are more prone to the effects of heat and at greater risk for dehydration. According to the CDC, elderly people are more at risk for the following reasons: • […]

Senior Care in Oswego, IL: May is Older Americans’ Month, Celebrate by Staying Active!

May is Older Americans Month, a fantastic occasion to demonstrate our thankfulness for the older adults in our local communities. Since 1963, areas across the nation have come together to celebrate Older Americans Month—a very proud practice that exhibits our nation’s dedication to recognizing the contributions and achievements of older Americans. The topic for Older […]

Senior Care in Oswego, IL Shouldn’t Be Dull! Here Are Some Interesting Options for Caregivers and Aging Family Members.

You would be amazed by how much and diverse the options can be. Your aging parents who require senior care are no different than we are. They have various interests that can generally be modified to their new level of abilities. Raised-bed gardening. Planters are raised to a height so that someone in a wheelchair can […]